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  1. Rematch bug nice_2_mate_you thanks best chesssite on the planet
  2. Rematch bug thibault I'm working on it.
  3. Show piece destinations (vali […] UncrownedRoyalty This should be turned off by default. This feature is not useful but […]
  4. Buy my book,I am International Master Clarkey I don't really see anything against people self-promoting. Lichess […]
  5. Buy my book,I am International Master rzenaikrzys I'm glad that Thibault,Clarkey and others have created here a good sit […]
  6. Rematch bug nice_2_mate_you yep same problem with me
  7. Rematch bug PigsRule When someone accepts my rematch offers after a match, lichess does not […]
  8. New chess boards and premove issues kd350 I like how the pieces slide now in bullet. It seems whenever someone […]
  9. New chess boards and premove issues thibault I've been fixing all known bugs and glitches relative to the new board […]
  10. Highlighting bug in puzzle thibault It's fixed.
  11. Highlighting bug in puzzle JVA Only one king is highlighted when even when the other is in check. Thi […]
  12. Open chat room Chess_Agent #26: "These team chats would be moderated by the team leader, and o […]
  13. Open chat room ragritz As long as there are humans, there is also abusing. Filters are useles […]
  14. Highlighting Suggestion Balthazar500 Hello! I just started playing here, and I'm really enjoying the sit […]
  15. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt Mostly all games, I post are 1 minute games) Just mistake of the oppo […]
  16. board editor problems? peonidas In my case, the problem is solved. Thank you.
  17. Excluding 1500 rating from seek Toscani I think the feature request has reason to be. It would also block shar […]
  18. MAD GAME !!! Kr0n0s Wow, don't really blitz chess but I think I'll start paying it. Looks […]
  19. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt May be he was upset, that luck had left him so suddenly) Nice combina […]
  20. MAD GAME !!! Kr0n0s Have no idea why my opponent gave up. Although I regained my queen as […]
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