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 Hourly Blitz 50m  1
 Daily Classical 2h  45
 Hourly Bullet 30m  15
 Singer  0+1 Anti Rated 20m  1/4
 Blanton  4+0 Rated 35m  2/4
 Rosenthal  3+0 Atom Rated 45m  1/4
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  1. Tactics Question Error ? No:55581 Isaiah4031 THANKS TO YOU Mr. MENTAL!! I have a notebook page of questionable puz […]
  2. There ought to be an "Unfinish […] grimus I just played a game where the guy disappeared after clearly beating m […]
  3. Tactics Question Error ? No:55581 GoMentalGoBloody @ Flourish: Can you suggest a line where that happens ? i can't see it […]
  4. Help from master needed orionchess I`m not master, but i think that white has more advantage, than +1,4. […]
  5. Lichess rating unortodox thibault
  6. Lichess rating unortodox morid If you beat someone higher rating than you, you will gain more points […]
  7. Lichess rating unortodox Baluk Hi, On chesscube people loose the same points as they win. But here […]
  8. Correspondence chess inactive time Painbringer It is very hard task, LM Kapsarov. Atomic is mostly competitive varian […]
  9. Blitz tournament for lower rat […] Painbringer How about tournament of top 100 players?
  10. Filter for avoiding players pl […] static_shadow I reiterate what chess240 said. If you lose to them, you lose points. […]
  11. I noticed something morid I could teach someone to reach my antichess rating in a few hours simp […]
  12. Glitch/bug in live chess stevieblues Just started a 5-5 game against user "epoxy". After 1. e4, 1..d6, I sa […]
  13. Filter for avoiding players pl […] brahm It seems they have found a flaw in the system, where you can make a ne […]
  14. I watch Lichess TV more than a […] Hellball I have to disappoint you #7, but the phrase is actually "15 minutes of […]
  15. Castling in Chess960 Isaiah4031 This came up again with version/ position 20 AND YET MY OPPONENT WAS A […]
  16. Filter for avoiding players pl […] Carn7vOor I tend to abort games against opponents that have played less then 100 […]
  17. MY BEST GAME Sonofthesea I'm just so happy about that game! :)
  18. Help from master needed static_shadow A yes, I missed Ra6. That is solid defense. And yes, the other sacrifi […]
  19. Help from master needed motion Im very tired but it seems black can defend that with queen d7 rook a6 […]
  20. Help from master needed static_shadow I'm no master, but I have been in these sorts of positions before. You […]
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