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  1. why tournament winners no long […] Toscani An image of a trophy is pre […]
  2. site suggestions from a teacher coolpant I currently work for a company that teaches chess to children. An aver […]
  3. why tournament winners no long […] Bourbon53 i lost my will to win tournaments when i realized that no trophies are […]
  4. Anyone wanna play me? cupcakesprinkles123 This forum page is also super old... went back to page 234!
  5. Lichess level 1 failure numberfour wow this is a really old forum page.
  6. The alphabet of chess andonuts Wow. This You have too much time on your hands. :D
  7. moderator andonuts I've always thought the moderation here was somewhat of a closed group […]
  8. moderator azuaga I would like to be a moderator and collaborate on what you can. […]
  9. biggest chess piece in the world! neverbeenherebefore Is it a giant king? tyia
  10. Can Lichess stream the 43rd Wo […] DunnoItAll Your best bet is to request it on FICS, since lichess just piggy-backs […]
  11. Challenge: Longest survival sequence MoralIntentions It is impossible to create a sequence longer than 3 moves. You have to […]
  12. Move I thought would break my […] Bourbon53 It's complex position indeed! but black does not have immediate checkm […]
  13. Can Lichess stream the 43rd Wo […] paulwal […]
  14. Move I thought would break my […] rise_UIED This is the most absurd case of […]
  15. Call for contributions from th […] Unihedron I don't want to use my Google account, but I'd love to help.
  16. Call for contributions from th […] arex Hi, Lichess tournament names are based on names of chess players, o […]
  17. Compact grid design in player […] Buonaparte Hello, It should be a good thing if we have a compact grid design i […]
  18. variants frankie-goes Why are, except chess 960, all the variants with the classical positio […]
  19. News feed DVRazor After adding the international tournaments relay, the news feed seems […]
  20. 1st chess twitch invitational! sakram @HeideQueen I do not have their contacts sadly. Will try to do somethi […]
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Improvements to Lichess - June edition

Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.

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